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Buedi Siebert gave a moving concert in the church with around 30 different instruments. The crowded audience could dive deeply in his Soundscapes and leave with him for a sound – journey through mystic worlds. Siebert combines Sounds of ethnic instruments with nature sounds. Very rare instruments like an Aztec Earth flute could be heard and made the listener relaxing and enjoying new and soft listening – experiences.“ - Black Forest News


The musician Buedi Siebert as a “medicine man”.

He takes an ancient drum, plays a mongolian overtone flute, wanders through the audience and looks in the peoples face.  He plays marimba with his bare hand blows in his bassclarinet and the ethnic flute. Like a real medicine man Siebert doesn’t play music for the music itself. Many sit with closed eyes and let their thoughts be carried away by the clouds of sound. Like a mother her child they can carry the whole earth in their arms and sing her to sleep. Ancient knowledge, that most of us have forgotten – Buedi Siebert remembers.” - Felldorf News

„A wonderful calmness and power evolve from these Soundscapes.“ (Stereoplay)

„... fascinating sounding dreamlike meditation-music, pure relaxation and a true pleasure for quiet hours".