Inside Dances Press

personal reactions of concert visitors:

“Once again thank you fort his wonderful concert. I will be able to keep the power of your music in me.”

"Thank you so much for your priceless music, that we can hear again and again, and the love, that you give to us."

“your music does that with an incredible intensity. It makes serenely, balances, relaxes and grounds me. No Japanese Zen Music has this impact. ”

“With these gentle and sensuous tones it is for everyone possible to leave the mind in open space. Very suitable to leave a hard day and to find the own centre again. "

“Thank you fort his stimulating and dreamy concert in the highlands.”

“Your concert in the church has touched me so deeply inside.“

"Your concert at the Qigong Symposium was great. I have listened

to your CDs again and again with great joy, also the members of my Qigong Seminar find them wonderful."


" I had permanent headache since Wednesday from stress and tension, and enjoyed your music and the evening athmosphere with the peaceful gathering. But when I just wanted to leave to be by myself, you asked to come in a circle... so when I sat in the outer circle and did the humming, my headache were gone! It was a very beautiful and simple exercise, very effective and easy. Thank you for this experience and I am glad to have met you on this great event..." (Medicine Wheel Gathering2011)


"Thank you for this "feel good evening". Sometimes I couldnt decide if I should listen with closed eyes or if I should watch the insrument, that you create these moving sounds with. And thank you for the healing and helping humming for our earth."


"before the concert I was strongly under stress, my thoughts would be in a permanet move, and I had my wellknown body reactions. After your concert my head was wonderful empty, and I felt totally calm and relaxed, The cicles of my thoughts also faded away. It was such a wonderful experience with you, to dive into your music-world and create own pictures, like a remeberance of wonderful days in the Grand Canyopn"... (concert center in balance, Pfalz)