Music is a form of communication from heart to heart, which is the true gift of human beings. Since ancient times there is a human desire to communicate with the creation through music.

With simple instruments, that can be played by everyone we can remember this ability to communicate with others through sound and music - to communicate with ourselves. When the heart sings, the soul flies. .









A workshop about music and nature

with Büdi Siebert





"I want to say thank you for then wonderful workshop.

Its is not possible to really describe it.I had no expectations but they were widely exeeded.

It is not a music workshop in common sense,

it is a journey to a place inside us,

where music can happen and be experienced.

I hope, that many people will find their way to your seminars, and will be gifted with this special experience."



"This morning I was humming and singing with some clients that was really beautiful!... and when I did breakfast is was humming too, my family was wondering. So once again thank you for the day yesterday, that still resonates in me."



"Today I had the chance to participate in your seminar at the "Apfelhof" - a wonderful day. I believe, that I could learn from you, how important it is, to let music come from the heart, how important it is, to listen. First time in my life I sang to a tree - I hope he survived it! Making music together, dancing, drumming - fantastic. Again many thanks. I hope for a repeating!!! "




„.... nobody wanted to go home...."

...For a whole afternoon a rhythmic and musical social process happened, with very little talk but much naturalness and empathy - not one of the 20 participandt could escape from, even that they didnt know each other or had any experience with these instruments......

........A solo played on the balafon by the "master", who is known for playing more than 40 instruments, leaded into other spheres "everybody is musical" he encouraged and showed, how to play music from the heart. Spontanuous duets played on spontanous chosen instruments surprised with their unexpected creativity........

.........A final conversation showed, that most of the partipiciants were very pleased by the possibilities of free musical composition, they could experience. A Music teacher said, "I will implement what I learned today with my children." Several partitipants asked: when will there be aother workshop like that with Buedi Siebert?"














Make music with ethnic instruments and collective improvisations.

Sing songs, play drum, listen to the music of the elements and animals in nature.

Create together new music through sounds and tones.

Experience by yourself the healing effect of music Awake the inner musician , play, listen.

Make music in nature - for nature.

Feel silence


For "non musicians" and couraged musicians.

You can bring your own instruments.